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Editorial Policy

Reasons for Article Rejection

Material will be returned to the author for rework for the following conditions:

The following guidelines apply to Commercial Discussions:

Submissions not meeting these guidelines will result in discussions between the moderator and the author to reword the inflammatory or offensive material, or possibly, outright rejection of the article.

Remember, it is acceptable to criticize the position taken by a given movement, as long as you word your submission in such as way as to not question the validity of that movement as a part of Judaism.

When you submit an article, review what you write before they submit it. If there is a lot of back and forth (quote, response, quote, response), consider using Email and not posting. That format can be perceived as an argument, whether or not it was your intent. I prefer to see a summarization of the "jumping off point" at the top of an article, followed by your response. Look at the tone of your posting. Is it bullying, insisting between the lines that there is only one way (usually your way)? How are you treating the reader? Are you talking down to them? Treating them as an equal? On this list, we are all equal, and should be treated as such. I trust in the intelligence and common sense of the folks on this list, and hope that you will demonstrate it to me.

Occasionally, I slip up and let an article thorough that I should not have. When this happens, I may let a few responses through, and then throttle responses back down. Remember to give any reader the benefit of the doubt (and to give the moderator a little too).

There Is No Right of Rebuttal

Although you may discover an error in an article, or feel you have been slighted, or feel you have to make some correction to an article, I must remind you that there is no right of rebuttal. I often let such rebuttals through, but that depends on the tone of the response. I reserve the right to rework the rebuttal into a Moderator's Comment, or to just let the issue die off without rebuttal, if in my editor's opinion I feel that is best for the list.

Editing Performed by Moderator

When I receive an article, I may perform the following edits without consulting the author:


In general, my policy is to allow through announcements that in my opinion will be of interest to the list readership. I require that such announcements concern Judaism, Jewish thought, or Israel. Acceptable announcements are short and to the point, and are subject to editing to make them that way if not submitted in that form. Announcements will be categorized in the subject line, and will be sorted to the end of the digest. Current announcement categories, in the order they will appear in the digest, are:

Information Request
Action Announcement
Event Announcement
Action Update
New List
New Resource
Web Site
Now Online
Publication Announcement
Course Announcement
Request For Participation


Cross posting between soc.culture.jewish newsgroups and mail.liberal-judaism is discouraged. [For those not on Usenet, soc.culture.jewish refers to a set of newsgroups on Usenet, and this mailing list was started by members of those newsgroups. The moderator does scan many of the soc.culture.jewish newsgroups, and will forward to this list any posted article of interest.] Similarly, cross-posting between mail.liberal-judaism and other moderated lists is also discouraged (except for announcements). Multiple lists rarely have the same focus, and submitted articles should be focused to the editorial areas of mail.liberal-judaism.


Publishing any of the mail.liberal-judaism digests or portions thereof on any other medium including s.c.j without asking me or the originator of the article represents a breach of trust as many of the people who write in wish their privacy preserved.

A Final Note: The Moderator Has The Last Word

I maintain this list on my own time. I try to be fair as a moderator, and I accept and even request criticism from the list members. In return, I reserve the right to remove a subscriber from the list if they are a continuing problem, or discontinue a topic if it is destroying the unity of the list. It boils down to conservation of my volunteer time. Those who disagree with this policy are welcome to form competing lists: multiple opinions are a hallmark of Judaism. :-) I'll even be glad to post the announcement for your new list!

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