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Voluntary Subscription Fees

In order to offset the service provider fees for the moderator, to provide the required list maintenance fees on Shamash, and to support the mljewish.org domain name, I request a small voluntary annual subscription fee of US $10.00 from those subscribers that find the list of value. Payments may be made via Paypal:

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If you wish to send the contribution directly to me, please contact me at moderator@mljewish.org.

To simplify recordkeeping, the fee is per volume and is prorated on a quarterly basis. This gives:

If you are a new subscriber to this list, you may treat the list as shareware. Try a few issues to determine if the list is for you. If it is, and you can financially afford the fee, please send it in. If it isn't for you, or you can't swing the fee at this time, don't sweat it. At the present time, I do not plan to drop any subscribers for non-payment.

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