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We have a minhag of introducing new rabbis and other significant individuals who join the list. This allows list members to get to know the rabbis and leaders that join, and who are Email accessible, if they have questions or relocate to where the individual is located. If you are such a person, please send me a paragraph or two about yourself for this introduction.

This should not dissuade other list members from submitting short introductions; it is just special encouragement for Rabbis.


It is the policy of this list to REQUIRE that all users supply their full name (we DO NOT require address, just the name). Most software will do this for you. If you are subscribing from America On-Line, please ensure that you have given me your full name; your software DOES NOT do this automatically.


In general, I do not disclose the members of this list. If I get a request for a specific member's Email by member name, I will provide the address. I occasionally provide lists of the rabbi's on the list upon request. If you do not want your name/email address disclosed and you are a rabbi, please let me know.

I also occasionally field questions in my role as maintainer of the FAQ for soc.culture.jewish. I will route questions to list members I feel would be of help to the querant.

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