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How To Submit

How To Submit

To submit an article, mail it to submit@mljewish.org, liberal-judaism@shamash.org, or mlj@shamash.org. Please indicate that it is an MLJ submission by putting the word SUBMISSION as the first paragraph:

When you submit in response to an article, please retain the subject line of the original article, or provide some other unique reference to the particular article you are responding to. Trim quoted material to the minimum; in particular, do not include the entire mailed digest in your response. This results in increased editing time for your little old moderator, and might result in my missing your submission.

Upon request, the moderator will make your article anonymous.

Acknowledgement of Submittals

All submissions are acknowledged, assuming my return mail to you does not bounce.

Timing of Digest Sending

The digest collects articles until it reaches a specified size, at which point it is sent (except on Shabbat and other no-work Jewish holidays). If the digest is partially full, it may be held until it reaches a minimum size (which varies over time—I"m still looking for the best value). Hence, there may be occasional gaps in mail.

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