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Other Useful Tips

  1. Keep your posting within the charter.
    If you feel your posting is borderline, it helps if you include a note to the moderator providing an explanation of why you feel it fits within the charter.

  2. Trim included material as much as possible.
    Seeing repeats of the last digest quickly bores most people. Use a brief snippet to start your discussion. Remember, if you don't trim your quotes, the moderator will.

  3. Respond in Email, when possible.
    If you can respond to a question in email, please do so. If you're looking for information, offer to collect responses via Email and post a summary. If your dialogue has become a discussion with just one other party, take it to Email.

  4. Avoid One Line Posts.
    Congratulations! and other one line posts in response to announcements should always be done in email.

  5. Keep Signatures Short.
    Signatures should be 4 lines or less. The moderator reserves the right to trim signatures.

  6. Be Careful What You Write.
    Don't write "lashon hara" [true slander] or "motzei sheim ra" [false slander]. Remember that, although you may not intend something as an attack, others may perceive it that way. Choose your words very carefully.

  7. Don't Dominate The Digest.
    Don't overtax the moderators or the readers. You don't need to respond to every article; choose your responses carefully. Remember, authors are limited to about 7000 characters in a single digest, and I try to limit how many consecutive digests authors can be in, unless there is time between digests or a significant mix of contributors.

  8. Don't Demand The Last Word.
    Remember to let others have the last word, once you have shared your position. You needn't keep stating it until others just wish you would shut up.

  9. Remember That This is a JEWISH Discussion List.
    When we have political discussion, share how your understanding of Judaism shapes your political philosophy. Responses should not be entirely political, nor should they attempt to tear down someone's understanding. Rather, they should show how Judaism can be interpreted differently to arrive at a different understanding.

  10. Remember This is an International List.
    This list has an international readership. Arguments about U.S. laws, the U.S. constitution, and even the U.S. political silly season do not necessarily have relevance outside the U.S. This is why, on this list, I ask people to discussion politics from a Jewish point of view, independent of national laws or imperatives. What does Judaism teach us about the right thing to do? For if our actions are based in the teachings of Judaism, then they should be universally right independent of border.

  11. Treat Everyone With Respect.
    Treat your fellow posters with the same respect with which you would like them to treat you.

  12. Postings Have an Implicit DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Order.
    Let subjects die gracefully. When you post, consider whether you are really adding something to the discussion.

  13. Be Able to Back Up What You Say.
    Avoid unsubstantiated statements that you cannot back up with citations.

  14. Avoid Stereotypes.
    Avoid the use of stereotypes. For example, not all Jews with beards are Orthodox, and not all secular Jews are Reform.

  15. Proofread Your Posts
    Review your postings before pressing the send sequence. It is worth the time to spell check your post, and re-read it to make sure you're not saying something stupid. Reading an article isn't mandatory; if your article is attractive, it is more likely to be read.

  16. Don't Be a Stumbling Block
    When a poster is making a fool of themselves, don't jump in. Let their words demonstrate the quality of their thoughts.

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