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M.L-J Announcements
  • The traditional version of the Liberal Judaism Mailing List is Z"L. There is, however, a Facebook Version of the Group.
  • The autoresponders for the group are down, and will not be coming back up.
  • This site will remain as an archive for the Internet version of the group.

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List Administrative Information

Information about the Liberal Judaism Mailing List is available in the following areas:

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Searching the Backissues Archives

There are a number of different ways of examining the backissue archives:

  • Subject List. The Subject List may be examined to determine issues of interest. An alphabetical top level index is provided; this indexes into a list of all digest subjects. This interface contains links to all issues. The ability to search the index is provided.

  • Viewing Through Browser. Issues may be retrieved through a forms-based interface. When retrieved in this fashion, the table of contents is linked inthough the body to provide fast access to specific postings.

  • Retrieval Through Email. Issues may be retrieved by Email by filling out the Email Retrieval Form and submitting it.

Information Files

Mail.Liberal-Judaism maintains a number of information files that contains (a) statements of Reform positions, and (b) longer contributions by members. Information files may be retrieved through Email by filling out the appropriate form.

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